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Our Aspire programme provides support for 11-17 year olds at risk of gangs and crime and for those who have become involved in offending. We provide intensive mentoring support for young people to develop self confidence, self esteem, improve their behaviours and skills which enables them to re-engage with education, successfully complete training and gain employment. 

How we work

We know that the right kind of mentoring can have a powerful effect on young people, helping them raise their aspirations and reach their full potential. Unique to Aspire is our clear emphasis on attracting high quality volunteers, our rigorous selection and accredited training process and Safer London’s considered matching of the right mentors to the right young people – all with close support throughout from our professional and skilled support workers.

Aspire supports 11-17 year olds: referrals come from schools, children’s services and other local authority departments for young people identified at risk of becoming involved in crime.

Safer London’s specialist Support Workers meet with young people for two to three sessions prior to identifying the right mentor for them. Throughout the six-month mentoring relationship, we continue to support both the mentor and young person to ensure they re-connect with education or access appropriate training and/or a job.

Our impact

Our internal monitoring and independent external evaluation demonstrate that our programme is making a positive difference to young people’s lives. For Aspire our monitoring tools measure hard outcomes such as increase in job interviews, training and gaining employment, as well as behaviour outcomes such as increased confidence, resilience, motivation.

In the past year our 11-17 year olds have demonstrated a 93% increase in their re-engagement in school, starting college and/or work during their mentoring. In addition, 100% have tried new extra-curricular activities with their mentor and 54% have taken up and sustained a new hobby or activity in the community after trying it with their mentor. Activities have included free running, regularly visiting the library, drama, computing classes, drawing classes and football club.

The 18-25 year olds have seen a 64% increase in their engagement with employment, education and training.

We would like to thank our funders and partners for their commitment to this work.

Young People's experiences of Aspire: