I am very proud of the work Safer London is doing to support young Londoners who, more than ever before, are finding their lives restricted by widening inequality and social injustice.

These are two of the underlying drivers for increased violence and exploitation, especially amongst younger people at all levels of society.

Through our intervention and prevention work we’ve already reached thousands of young Londoners affected by violence and exploitation and their families. But we know that we need to do more, and in the next
five years we will go further working alongside more young Londoners, as well as their families, friends and communities, in order that they have the future that they deserve.

In order to do this we are focusing our delivery of work around three themes: People, Peers and Places.

This means that we will continue our work with young Londoners and their families, but will also expand this out to their peer networks, as well as working directly with and in the places where they live and spend their time. We will expand our prevention work in education settings and communities, deliver more one on one support, and will provide a platform for young Londoners to fundamentally shape what we do, ensuring that their expertise is central to the solution.

Too often the responsibility for society’s problems is laid at the feet of the young. This is not right – for too long we have been creating a narrative in which young people are positioned as the problem, whereas in fact the real problem is the context which we as a society have created and within
which our children are attempting to grow and thrive.

Our strategy, which aims to change this, is ambitious and rightly so, but we know that we will achieve our vision with the support of our Trustees, staff, volunteers, commissioners and donors. We’re looking forward to embarking on this journey.

If you want to join us and help us achieve our vision please get in touch. Together we can explore how you can support us and the young Londoners we serve.

Sherry Peck, Chief Executive

Find out more about our strategy A Safer London for Everyone: People, Peers, Places