About us

We believe every young person should be given the opportunity to live free from exposure to gangs, exploitation and crime. At Safer London, we work tirelessly to make this happen.

We are the leading London charity working to prevent and address gang violence, vulnerability and sexual exploitation. We provide needs led intensive support, early intervention and mentoring through our extensive, pan London services. You can find out more about our history and where we’ve come from here.

Our vision is a world where all young people can thrive, free from exposure to gangs, exploitation and crime.

But we know we can’t do this alone, so if you share in our vision, please join us.

Our values

We are:

  • Changemakers – We bring creativity, passion and innovation to make a lasting difference.
  • Inclusive – All that we do recognises and values the diverse experiences of young people.
  • Trusted – People trust us because we have a track record of consistent, high quality delivery.
  • Courageous – We are brave, unafraid to challenge, and committed to empowering young people to stay safe and happy.
  • Collaborative – We stand with individuals and organisations who share our vision.

Our people

We are a fast-growing, dedicated team, with over 70 members of staff and a team of committed volunteers.

Meet the people helping young people to live free from exploitation and crime.

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