Young Londoners are full of ambition and aspiration. We want to ensure that continues into their adult lives and that they can thrive without the challenges of exploitation and violence. 

This is not yet the reality for enough young Londoners. Many are facing challenges from multiple avenues; be it personal experience, or simply in the places where they live, learn and have fun.

We believe that all young Londoners can have a positive and productive future. Whatever their history, when a child or young person comes to Safer London, they are just that – a child or a young person. We work alongside them to help unlock their potential, so they can move forward positively.

We put young Londoners at the centre of their support. Our focus is on them and their needs. By building strong, trusting relationships we gain an insight into their world, begin to understand what they need and together find the best ways to keep them safe. We work not only with them and their families, but also their peer networks and directly within the community and the places where they live and spend their time.  

We’re committed to learning, innovating, and delivering high quality, evidence-based support. With a footprint in every borough in London, we build trusting, professional partnerships with statutory, charitable and community partners to embed our approaches and work towards achieving our Vision.

Our Vision
Our Mission
Our Values

Our Vision is a city where all young Londoners, their families, peers and communities can thrive, free from exposure to violence and exploitation. 

Our Mission is to create lasting change by preventing violence and exploitation from negatively impacting young Londoners, their families, peers and communities. 

Our values define what we stand for and believe in. They are the principles, ideals and characteristics that define our culture, standards and aspirations.

We are change-makers. We bring creativity, passion and innovation to make a lasting difference.

We are inclusive. All that we do recognises and values the diverse experiences of young Londoners.

We are trusted. People trust us because we have a track record of consistent, high-quality delivery.

We are courageous. We are brave, unafraid to challenge, and committed to empowering young Londoners to stay safe and happy.

We are collaborative. We stand with individuals and organisations who share our vision.