Daniel, 20

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“When I meet my mentor, we have discussed alternative ways to look for courses and things I need to become an electrician; he has really helped me.”  Daniel aged 20

Daniel’s background

Daniel was referred to Aspire by his local Probation Officer. He had been trying to get a job for several months but had been unsuccessful, mainly due to his criminal conviction and lack of job readiness. His Probation Officer believed that Aspire would enable him to develop the self confidence and skills to gain employment.

Our support

The first stage of our support was for a Safer London Support Worker to work with him to find out what he needed from the programme, as well as his level of commitment and motivation to change. Daniel engaged well from the start of the process and our Support Worker was able to ascertain the type of volunteer mentor who would meet his needs.

The next stage of our support was to propose three potential mentors to Daniel, all of whom had professional backgrounds and experience that would support him to develop his career aspirations. Daniel chose and was matched with David, who is an IT Consultant. David previously taught in Hungary and worked in media and technology.

Daniel and David met every two weeks. David has been working with Daniel to develop job search tools including securing funds from Probation for interview clothing and accompanying him to an employment fair. This enabled Daniel to access information and opportunities towards his long term goal of becoming an electrician. Daniel was also invited to attend a mock interview with Interserve, a large facilities management company, which helped him with his self-confidence.

Daniel has now secured full time employment at a local restaurant chain to enable him to earn money and live independently. Meanwhile Daniel and his mentor are continuing to work together to address his aspiration to be an electrician.

Daniels’s Probation Officer has reported that his self-confidence, communication skills and behaviour have all improved since accessing Aspire, and that he has not re-offended during this period.

“We realised that with one of his goals to be an electrician, Daniel needs English, Maths and Science. He was hesitant in studying those in a class format so together we researched alternative study options. He is progressing well”.  David, mentor

(All names have been changed to protect confidentiality)

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