For young Londoners and their families our support is needed more than ever.

Many of us might feel that the Coronavirus outbreak has stopped our life in its tracks, but for the young Londoners and families we support the threat of violence and exploitation doesn’t stop.

The effects of the virus and restrictions on movement means we can’t see young people in person, but that doesn’t mean the need for our work has decreased.

Being pulled out of school and having routines disrupted, combined with increasing pressures on families can lead young Londoners to be even more susceptible to violence and exploitation.

We’re continuing our urgent work, providing support remotely and making sure that young Londoners and their families know we are still there for them.

Support us today and together we can ensure young Londoners and their families affected by violence and exploitation not only survive this crisis, but thrive in their futures.

Ways you can help

Make donation to our Just Giving Page

If you’re working from home why not donate the money you’re saving on your commute or daily coffee to our Just Giving page.

Regular monthly donations are invaluable to Safer London in this time of crisis and challenge, however, no matter the frequency of your donation, you’ll be making a real difference to the lives of young Londoners and their families who have been affected the most by the pandemic.


Fundraise for Us

You can raise money for Safer London by setting up a personal fundraising page on Just Giving. Your friends and family can easily donate to us through your fundraiser.

Why not donate your birthday! We know we can’t get together and share presents for our birthday at the moment, so how about suggesting your friends donate to you fundraiser instead. When you’re able to meet and hug your friends again, your donation will make sure that Safer London will still be here supporting young people across London rebuild their lives and thrive.


Not your birthday? Take a look at some of the other fundraising ideas below.

Take on a challenge at home
  • Run or a cycle a marathon on your home gym equipment, run 100 laps around your garden or living room. With Just Giving, it’s easy to track your progress with Strava.
  • Organise a joint challenge with friends, colleagues, and peers – get those competitive juices flowing by the most push ups or the longest head stands!
  • Not the sporty type? Then why not host your own bake off competition over the course of a week. Your friends and family can all donate into a sweepstake
Organise a virtual fundraising event
  • Use your regular Zoom catch-ups with friends and family to fundraise! Organise a virtual pub quiz or bingo night. You can download Bingo cards here and this website has lots of quiz questions that you can use.
  • If you’re musically gifted why not set up your own virtual charity concert? You can do this many ways, over Zoom or Instagram live. You can even invite other to join you! Viewers than can make a donation to your online fundraising page.
Spread the word!
  • Share what you’re doing on social media, take lots of picture and share the link to your fundraising If you make a donation why not take a selfie and post to your social media and let everyone know why you’ve chosen to support us during this time.
  • We’d love to hear what you’re doing and support you in any way we can. Drop us an email at and we’ll help you get the word out!

Whatever challenge you decide to take on you can set up a fundraising page on Just Giving to bring those donations in. If you need any help or support then get in touch with us at