Shifting our understanding of violence.
Is it a preventable epidemic health problem that can be treated… or not?

In December 2020 we partnered with our US colleagues, Cure Violence Global, to bring a series of webinars that delved into violence a public health issue; and explored how we can reduce violence using community based interventions.

Cure Violence have successfully implemented community based violence intervention models in communities across the world. From the US to the Middle East, they have worked directly with communities to reduce violence from within.

Over the course of three webinars we explored what the issues in London are and how the model can be used to empower communities in London, in order to reduce violence and exploitation.

We know that by working with the Londoners and communities directly affected by the issues that can cause violence and exploitation, we can help make London safer not just for them – but for everyone.

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Webinar One:
Understanding the Science of Violence
Is violence transmitted like a disease? If so – how do you cure it?

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Webinar Two:
Health-based Solutions to Violence
Do they really work?

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Webinar Three:
Violence Interruption
How community based violence intervention models look in practice

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Our December webinar series is a collaboration with Cure Violence Global and supported by the London Violence Reduction Unit.