Is the idea of a teachable, reachable moment real? Or is it only through developing long trusting relationships over time that young Londoners are able to move forward to better lives?

Perhaps it’s a combination of both? 

On 2nd July we hosted a webinar where we addressed this topic and discussed the broader issues that young Londoners face.

We heard directly from the young Londoners that Safer London works with, on what they feel are the current issues and the power of relationships with trusted professionals.

Contributions from professionals from partner organisations including the NHS, Khulisa and St Giles Trust; as well as Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London, provided insight from across the sector.

A Safer London Support Worker took centre stage to discuss the issues from their perspective, drawing on real experiences they’ve encountered in their practice.

Watch our webinar below

Watch the individual videos from the webinar below.

Voice of London
Featuring young Londoners Safer London works alongside.

The Issues That Young Londoners Face
Featuring voices from across the sector

Perspective from Practice
Featuring a Safer London practitioner discussing the topic from their perspective, whilst drawing on a real example from their work.

View the slides from our webinar below

Webinar Agenda
How we will get there: measuring our impact to inform our work

Thank you to our contributors who made this webinar possible

Safer London Young Leaders
Cara Cinnamon, Khulisa
Evan Jones, St Giles Trust
Jahnine Davis, Listen Up Research
Maria Kane, North Middlesex University Hospital
Martin Griffiths, NHS England
Nicky Bullard, MRM McCann
Sophie Linden, Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime in London

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