Over the course of a year North Highland worked alongside our team to help support our work with young Londoners, their families and communities.

Simon Piesse, Executive and Sponsor for London Philanthropy at North Highland, talks through why they felt our cause aligned with their own values and what the partnership involved.

We chose to support and work with Safer London as their vision of a city that is safe for the young Londoners who live here resonated with our people.

At North Highland and as a London office, we’ve always worked to contribute and give back to our local communities. Through working with Safer London, we were able to support their vision and have a rewarding time working alongside their team.

Our global philanthropy approach focuses on the theme of economic empowerment for low-income and impoverished individuals and families, many of whom may live in communities where safety and security is a challenge.

North Highland and Safer London worked together at an ‘Action Day’, working on a range of business and consulting challenges to benefit Safer London. The life-size Wilson costume was a small fundraiser as part of the fun!

We recognised that Safer London’s work is targeted at giving all Londoners safer lives and environments, so that they can be empowered to achieve their goals.

As part of our philanthropy approach around community engagement and volunteerism, every year all North Highland offices take half a day off to give back to the local community through a series of different activities.

We had two activities supporting Safer London. A group of 30 consultants used their problem solving expertise to provide informal pro-bono support to Safer London on key priorities including refreshing their internal communications, devising a business strategy and improving their fundraising offerings.

Another 25 Consultants participated in a mass spinathon to raise money for Safer London including one particularly brave North Highlander who donned a Wilson from Cast Away costume!

In total, we were delighted to raise over £7500 throughout the year with Safer London and work alongside them on meaningful and strategic work.

Simon Piesse, Executive and Sponsor for London Philanthropy North Highland

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