Every year we review and assess our reach and impact. By doing this we celebrate our successes, as well as acknowledge our shortcomings.

Only by doing this can we learn and grow as an organisation, enabling us to further extend our reach and support more young Londoners, their families and communities impacted by violence and exploitation.

Rise Above: Our Impact and Accountability report 2022 | 2023

Last year we witnessed a rise in complex cases, with a record number of safeguarding concerns raised.

It is clear that many young Londoners continue to face various pressures. Pressures that build up like water behind a dam. Over time, the weight of these challenges steadily builds against the dam’s walls, cracks begin to form, and eventually, a breaking point emerges – a moment when the dam can no longer withstand the mounting pressure. It gives way.

While Safer London may not have the power to repair the cracks in the dam itself, what we can do is scaffold a comprehensive programme of support around each young Londoner.

Last year we worked hard to ensure our services and support did just that. We looked at the data, we looked at emerging themes seen throughout our work, and we made necessary and vital changes.

Through a person-centred, trauma-informed approach and by working in collaboration and partnership with external agencies, as well as the young Londoners themselves, we are working to ensure that no young Londoner is left adrift, enabling them to rise above the turbulent waters they face.

Click the image below to discover our achievements of the past year, how we fared against our strategic aims as set out in our Strategy and where we want to go next.

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Previous Impact Reports

Young Londoners are at the core of what we do at Safer London.  Our funds and resources are used in ways to try and have the most impact with young people, their families and communities.

Read our Impact Reports to find out what we’ve achieved.

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You can view our Annual Trustees’ Report on Charity Commission or Companies House.

Domestic Abuse Needs Assessment

The Pan London Domestic Violence Needs Assessment is a comprehensive piece of analysis that investigated what pathways there were for survivors of domestic violence in each London borough. The research looked at the barriers to accessing support, with housing being particularly prevalent.

Pan London Domestic Violence Needs Assessment 2016

External Evaluation

Download external evaluation reports to find out more about our work and approach.

Evaluation of the Empower Families Project by University of Sussex

Safer London Foundation: The Empower Programme An independent report by ABIANDA

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