In our new strategy ‘A Safer London for Everyone: People, Peers, Places’ we make a commitment to Young Londoners and the communities in which they live, learn and work.

Safer London’s vision is a city that is safe for all the young people who live here. By working alongside young Londoners, their families and peers, as well as with the places where they live and spend their time, we can create a safer London not just for them – but everyone.

Over the next five years we’re committed to growing as an organisation, building on our strengths and nurturing our internal talent. We’ll involve young Londoners in the shaping of our services and provide a platform for their voices to be heard.


Our work will be delivered through three key themes: People, Peers and Places.

Our Strategy: an overview

Summer 2020 Webinar Series

Following on from the launch of our Strategy in Summer 2020, we hosted a series of webinars examining specific issues relating to young Londoners and their families affected by violence and exploitation.

Is tackling violence about teachable moments? Enduring relationships? Or both?

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Some services try to support victims. Other services work with perpetrators. What if the person you’re working with is both?

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If we want to get a safeguarding response for a young person we can refer them. Why can’t we do the same if we’ve got a safeguarding concern about a place?

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