FAQs for tenants

I’d like to be referred to the Pan-London Housing Reciprocal, what should I do?

Any professional you work with can make a referral for you, completing the property request form. We recommend discussing this with a professional you feel comfortable with such as a support worker, a social worker or a housing officer. If you are not working with any support agency, we recommend getting in contact with your landlord.

Once we receive your referral, we will seek approval from your landlord. Please note that some landlords have an internal process for approving referrals (e.g. an emergency panel).

What is a Nominating Officer?

Your Nominating Officer is usually the professional who completed the property request form with you. Your Nominating Officer will be the main point of contact between you, Safer London, and any landlord offering a property. Nominating officers can work in housing, social services or any other support agency. There can be more than one nominating officer.

Why can’t I be my own Nominating Officer?

Your property request form does not include your name to protect your identity and safety. Landlords who receive your property request therefore need to have the name and contact details of your nominating officer to contact them if they have a suitable property for you.

What happens once my request has been approved by my landlord?

Safer London will send your property request form to all the housing partners who have properties in the boroughs you requested. If a landlord has a property available, they will get in touch with your Nominating Officer and Safer London. Your Nominating Officer will then contact you to inform you of this offer and arrange a viewing.

How can I make changes to my application or get an update?

If you want to discuss your application or make any changes (for example including additional boroughs in your request) you can contact your nominating officer, who will the let the team at Safer London know what you would like changed.

Can I choose where to move?

You can chose which London boroughs to include in your property request. We can only send requests at a borough-wide level rather than specific areas or postcodes. If you are unsafe in one part of a borough, do not include it in your choices.

We advise to include as many boroughs as possible as long as you would be safe and willing to move there. The more boroughs included the greater the chance a property offer will be made.

I want to move out of London

Currently we are unable to circulate requests for areas outside London boroughs. You may be eligible for other schemes that supports moves out of London such as Homefinder or Housing Moves Seaside and Country Homes.

How long will it take?

Housing offers may take time and might not be possible in all cases. The more flexible you are with your request (for example the greater number of boroughs included), the more likely it is a property offer will come through quickly.

If you are not safe to remain in your home while waiting for an offer, you should contact your housing officer for further information and advice on emergency accommodation options.

What happens if I turn a property down?

If you turn down a property the local authority or housing association who offered the property will not generally offer you another one.

We unfortunately cannot guarantee if and when you will receive another property offer from other housing providers, and you will not receive unlimited offers. It is important to think carefully when declining.

What kind of property will I get?

All landlords should offer a property with the same number of bedrooms as your current property. Properties may vary in size and type, for example it may be a flat not a house, it may be smaller than your current property, and rent and secure tenancy type may differ. Property offers will often be on an estate as this is the social housing stock which exists in London.

This is all dependent on what is available in the areas requested. The huge benefit of the scheme is that you are able to keep a social tenancy and move to a safe area.

I have a pet

In some cases councils and housing associations may be able to offer a pet friendly property, however this cannot be guaranteed. Please specify on the property request form whether you would consider to rehome your pet in case pets are not allowed in the property offered.