At Safer London, we firmly believe in the power of youth voice and the transformative impact it can have.

We wanted to create a visually engaging representation of participation. So, in collaboration with our incredible young champions, the VIPs, we co-produced the Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree. A metaphorical representation of what participation at Safer London looks like – and more importantly the difference it makes. Not just for us as an organisation, but the VIPs and every young Londoner we work alongside.

The Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree was designed and illustrated by young Londoner Asani.

The Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree is more than a visual representation – it embodies our commitment to empowering youth voices and fostering meaningful engagement.

🌱 The Seed: Planting the Purpose

Every journey begins with a seed. Our seed is a symbol of purpose that ignites our drive to empower young voices. The seed represents our unwavering dedication to inspiring and supporting young Londoners, nurturing their potential to effect positive change.

🌿 The Roots: Firmly Grounded in Core Values

Just as strong roots provide stability to a tree, participation at Safer London is firmly rooted in core values. Our shared values, held by both Safer London and the VIPs, form the foundation for meaningful engagement. By upholding respect, inclusivity, and openness, we ensure that every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

🌳 The Trunk: The Core of Empowerment

Standing tall and strong, the trunk symbolises the heart of effective participation at Safer London. Here, the remarkable VIPs take centre stage. They provide the stability and support necessary to build a solid framework for youth empowerment. By working hand in hand, we create an environment where young Londoners can thrive and make a difference.

🌿 The Branches: Embracing Diversity and Engagement

Branching out in every direction, the branches exemplify the diverse ways in which participation is integrated into Safer London. We believe in fostering youth engagement through empowering workshops, open discussions, and inclusive decision-making processes. The branches represent the numerous opportunities we provide for young Londoners to actively shape their own futures and contribute to a safer society.

🍃 The Leaves: A Tapestry of Positive Change

The leaves of the tree illustrate the results and impact of participation. Each leaf represents the positive changes, growth, and opportunities that arise when youth voices are amplified and valued. Through their active involvement, both Safer London and the VIPs experience the tangible outcomes of their collective efforts, bringing about meaningful change.

☀️🌧️ The Sun and Rain: Nurturing Growth and Flourishing

Participation just like a tree needs nourishment and the perfect conditions to thrive. The warm sun symbolises the support and encouragement we provide to the young champion VIPs, empowering them to shine brightly. The refreshing rain represents the resources and opportunities we offer to nurture participation, ensuring that it grows.

You can find more out about the Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree, as well as the process of making it here.

The VIPs co-created the Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree through an interactive workshop.