Safer London is committed to improving how we embed young Londoners’ Voice, Influence and Participation (VIP) across the organisation.

That’s where the Safer London VIPs come in.

Who are the Safer London VIPs?

We are a group of young Londoners who help to shape and inform everything safer London does, as well as contribute to the wider conversation around violence and exploitation in London.

What do the Safer London VIPs do?

We meet regularly, both online and in person, where we work as a team to make Safer London the best it can be! We use our individual and collective voices, expertise, and experience to inspire and drive change

Find out more about what we’ve done below:

VIP BIG Takeover week 2022

During October half term in 2022, ten young Londoners joined us for our first young champion VIP big takeover week!

It was an opportunity for the Safer London VIPs to get stuck in and lead discussions on our big business challenges through a series of sessions, lots of brainstorming and creativity.

Find out more here

@LDN_Voices Instagram account

From September 2021 to February 2022, we brought together a group of young Londoners to create a space for young Londoners, by young Londoners. One that would inspire, engage and educate – and most importantly, amplify their voices and opinions.

The result… @LDN_Voices Instagram account!

The VIPs contribute their ideas and even create content for this account, all on themes on topics that matter to them.

Check it our here or open Instragram and search LDN_Voices.

Safer London Youth Charter

In 2022 the VIPs worked in collaboration with Safer London’s Head of Practice to develop a Youth Charter. This document serves as a framework that guides ways we work with young Londoners.

Find out more here.

Safer London Youth Voice and Participation Tree

The Youth Voice and Participation Tree stands as a powerful symbol of youth empowerment and engagement at Safer London. In July 2023 and through a creative workshop the tree was created. Using sticky notes, the VIPs added their thoughts and opinions to each section of the tree, right from the seed, all the way up to the highest branches. The result is a metaphorical representation of what participation at Safer London looks like – and more importantly the difference it makes. Not just for us as an organisation, but the VIPs and every young Londoner we work alongside.

Find out more here.


Why become a Safer London VIP – what’s in it for you? 

This is a great opportunity for young Londoners eager to develop themselves and who are passionate about the issues young Londoners face.

By becoming a VIP you will:  

  • Meet other passionate young Londoners and make new friends
  • Develop new skills and experience to add to your CV
  • Receive an accredited Youth training certificate (AQA award)
  • Be provided a reference from us when applying for jobs
  • Be recognised for your contributions with vouchers and goody bags
  • Most importantly – you will have lots of fun!

How do I become a Safer London VIP? 

If you, or someone you know wants to make a difference, gain new skills, and make new friends, then become a Safer London VIP – signing up is super easy! Just click the button below to fill out the online form and we’ll get back to you.

Join the movement and have your say on the things that matter… we can’t wait to meet you! 


I did this because I want to support people who are in situations I’ve been through. I’m really happy to be a part of this!

Safer London VIP