This year’s Black history Month theme is all about recognising the amazing contributions, achievements, and unwavering strength of Black women throughout history and today. 

This theme shines a spotlight on the incredible roles that Black women have played and continue to play in shaping our world. It’s all about acknowledging those often-unsung heroes from civil rights and social justice to arts, science, and education. It’s a call to celebrate their courage, vision, and unshakable determination. 

Every day we salute the remarkable Black women comprising the dedicated Safer London team, spanning from our HR officer to the extraordinary Caseworkers who tirelessly engage with young Londoners. Yet, even more importantly, we extend our heartfelt salute to the young Black women and girls who stand side by side with us. Their unwavering resilience and unyielding determination in the face of adversity and challenges are truly beyond measure.

They are what inspires us to do what we do.

With that in mind, during this Black History Month, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge some of the incredible Black Sisters who are making waves in society.

Kym Oliver & Jumoke Abdullahi: The Triple Cripples Rocking Disability Advocacy 

Image via The Trile Cripples website

In a world that’s learning to embrace diversity and inclusion, there are some incredible people out there making sure the voices of people with disabilities are heard loud and clear. Kym Oliver and Jumoke Abdullahi, known as “The Triple Cripples“, are two of these amazing advocates. They’re not just breaking stereotypes – they’re smashing them and shouting from the rooftops for a more inclusive world. 

Kym and Jumoke first crossed paths thanks to their shared experiences as disabled individuals trying to navigate a world that often forgets about them. They both have cerebral palsy, which makes their muscles do things they might not always want them to do. But instead of dwelling on their challenges, they decided to team up and create “The Triple Cripples.” 

The name “The Triple Cripples” is cheeky and unapologetic, celebrating their identities as disabled Black women. It’s like a three-in-one package deal that challenges stereotypes while shining a spotlight on their unique experiences. Through their blog and podcast, they’re sparking real conversations about disability, race, and gender, giving those often-silenced voices a platform to be heard. 

Munroe Bergdorf: Changing the Game in Beauty and Advocacy 

Getty Images

In a world where beauty standards have been pretty one-note for ages, people who step up and redefine beauty norms deserve a shoutout. Munroe Bergdorf, a British model, activist, and all-around inspiring human, is one of those trailblazers. Her journey is a story of guts, resilience, and using her platform to make the world a more diverse and inclusive place. 

Munroe kicked off her career as a makeup artist before diving headfirst into modelling. But she wasn’t just another model – she was a game-changer. Being a transgender woman of mixed race, she was a breath of fresh air in an industry that had long favoured a cookie-cutter approach to beauty. 

While Bergdorf was making waves in the modelling world, it was her activism that really set her apart. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind on issues like race, gender, and LGBTQ+ rights. In 2017, she made history as the first openly transgender woman to feature in a L’Oréal campaign. But that partnership with L’Oréal didn’t last long. Bergdorf faced some serious backlash for speaking out about systemic racism. L’Oréal dropped her from the campaign, claiming her comments clashed with their brand values. But instead of backing down, this incident lit a fire under Bergdorf, propelling her even further into the world of activism and sparking a much-needed conversation about diversity and inclusivity in the beauty world. 

Munroe’s journey is all about breaking down walls. She won’t let anyone shut her down, and she keeps pushing for a world where everybody’s accepted for who they are. Her impact goes way beyond fashion, inspiring countless people to embrace their true selves and stand up for what’s right. 

Nicola Adams: A Boxing Champ and a Trailblazer 

Nick Wilson for British GQ

Nicola Adams, the name that rings loud in the boxing world, has a life story that’s not just about winning matches but inspiring countless people worldwide. From her humble beginnings to being a double Olympic gold medallist and a pioneer for women in boxing, Nicola’s journey is nothing short of incredible.

Nicola’s love for boxing started at age 12. Despite the fact that boxing was mostly a men’s game at the time, Nicola didn’t let that stop her. Her talent and determination were unmistakable, and she quickly climbed the ranks, making a name for herself in women’s boxing. 

One of Nicola Adams’ shining moments came in 2012 during the London Olympics. This was a special year because women’s boxing was finally added to the Olympic lineup. Nicola grabbed the opportunity with both hands. She fought hard and won, becoming the first woman to win an Olympic boxing gold for Great Britain. Four years later, at the 2016 Rio Olympics she defended her Olympic gold, making her a two-time Olympic champion.

Nicola Adams is not just a champ inside the boxing ring but also a pioneer for gender equality in sports. Her success broke stereotypes and opened doors for future female boxers. She’s been a vocal advocate for equal opportunities and recognition for women in sports, especially boxing. Nicola’s work has played a big part in changing how people see women’s boxing, turning it into a respected and recognised sport all over the world. 

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