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Education & group work

We work with hundreds of young people in schools each year. We give them confidence and knowledge, and as a result, we reduce incidents of sexual bullying and harm.

Our one-off and ten-week courses give young people empowerment and resilience. And because we intervene early, it cuts down on exploitation and sexual violence in the future.

We create a relaxed and safe space for young people – it doesn’t feel like a normal lesson, and we start conversations that teachers sometimes struggle to have.

We have a gendered approach, meaning we run our sessions with young men and young women separately. We find this is by far the best way to create a safe space to delve into potentially awkward subjects – such as gender stereotyping, unhealthy relationships, and identity.

The school community

For the best results, we need what we call a ‘whole school approach’. This means that every member of the school community – every teacher, school leader, and parent – is confident to address issues of violence and gender inequality. All day, every day.

By bringing together the school community, young people can thrive: we run workshops for parents, we look at schools’ policies, procedures and curriculum, and we train teachers.

To find out more, please contact our schools team on or 020 7021 0301.