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The people I met made me feel safe. It dramatically changed my life compared to where I'm coming from and I ain't looked back since 2

– Ryan, 18
London Gang Exit

Empower has really helped me so, so much, I am now looking at a much clearer and brighter life. I am more confident and able to speak my mind.

– Elsie, 14

Everything is so positive now, and coming together. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

– Janet, parent

I have become more confident to deal with the big problems.

– Alicia, 13

I know you say it's your job to help young people, but I am still grateful for what you have done.

– Zoe, parent
London Gang Exit

I can talk to the facilitator like I can't with my teacher - it's more easy to talk about things like sex.

– Rhianna, 13
Education & group work

It is inspirational when you feel like you are making progress

– Kyle, volunteer

I never thought anyone would care about me as a parent until I met you.

– Alex, parent
Empower Families

I have really enjoyed it a lot, because she helped me to achieve what I wanted to achieve.

– Tom, 14

Our impact

We are trusted to build relationships, to be transparent and to deliver results. Here’s a peek at our impact…

Since we started we've worked with 65,000+ people

Of these 65,000 75% were young people

Some of our outcomes

We're all over London and co located in 13 local authorities

95 % of our young women now have a strategy to keep themselves safe

100% of young men who completed our group work programme left with a better understanding of consent

60% of young people who have worked with a mentor improved their engagement with employment education or training

The future's bright

We build relationships that last

We've grown from 4 people to over 70

We work with professionals to create the best outcomes for young people

Last year we trained 2580 professionals

Of these 85% felt confident putting what they learnt into practice


Impact Reports

To find out more about us and our impact in London and beyond, download our impact reports.

External evaluations

All of our projects are evidence-based and externally evaluated. Download the reports to find out about our approach.