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We are proud that our training has been awarded the OCN London quality mark.

Training & consultancy

Sharing best practice is at the heart of everything we do here at Safer London. We offer training courses to professionals based on issues we’ve seen emerge during our years of working with young people.

Courses we offer are below – but we are more than happy to put something together that’s bespoke for your organisation, or that combines any of the themes below.

All of our training is competitively priced, constantly adapts and changes with the times, and will give you practical tools to take away and weave into your own practice.

Already done training on one of the subjects below? Ask us for an update or refresher, or combine it with something else from the list to give you the knowledge you need to best work with the young people in your care.

Courses we offer

County lines, gangs, and young people

On this course you will develop your understanding of county lines and gangs, and increase your confidence to implement what you learn into your own work.


Harmful sexual behaviour and young people

This training gives you the knowledge to identify harmful sexual behaviour, and work to reduce it effectively.


Keeping young people safe online

As it changes so quickly, it is important to stay informed about social media and its benefits and risks, in order to better safeguard young people in our care. This training is designed to help you do this.


Child sexual exploitation and young people

This course equips you with an understanding of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and gives you tools to respond effectively. We can deliver this as a half day refresher or introduction, or a full day for an enhanced understanding.


CSE Champions: working with young people affected by child sexual exploitation

This course is designed for practitioners who already have a working knowledge of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and will give you knowledge and tools to offer specialist advice in the role of ‘CSE Champion’.


Missing young people and child sexual exploitation

This course will give you the knowledge you need to identify why young people go missing, and the connection with missing episodes and child sexual exploitation (CSE).