Champions Training: working with young people affected by child sexual exploitation

This course is designed for practitioners who already have a working knowledge of child sexual exploitation (CSE), and will give you knowledge and tools to offer specialist advice in the role of ‘CSE Champion’.

  • Advise colleagues on interventions for young people affected by CSE.
  • Analyse current policy, protocols and legislation relating to CSE.
  • Use a support model as an intervention tool.
  • Understand the impact of trauma in relation to CSE and gang, group and peer-on-peer abuse.
  • Assess the impact of trauma in relation to CSE indicators, signs and behaviours.
  • Evaluate practical activities that can be used when working with CSE.

Participants attending this course should already have a basic understanding of CSE, risk and vulnerabilities.

Throughout the training you will be encouraged and supported to consider how your own practice can best address and support CSE affected children and young people.

Very informative, evolved terminology, making CSE more than just an acronym.

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