Keeping young people safe online

As it changes so quickly, it is important to stay informed about social media and its benefits and risks, in order to better safeguard young people in our care. This training is designed to help you do this.

After this training you will be able to:

  • Recognise social media, apps and games used by young people.
  • Identify potential risks and impacts of using internet and social media.
  • Identify aspects of online grooming, cyber bullying, ‘sexting’ and the law.
  • Spot warning signs of unsafe internet use.
  • Implement strategies to encourage safer use of social media.
  • Identify support for young people at risk.

Throughout the training you will be encouraged and supported to consider how you can best safeguard and support children and young people that use internet and social media.

Really informative. I’m now able to share the dangers, especially that of social media where young people don’t always recognise the risks.

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