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Young men’s service

Our young men’s service works one-to-one with young men aged 11 to 18 with harmful or inappropriate attitudes to sex and relationships.

Young men who display harmful sexual behaviour (for example sexist banter, sexual bullying, or the use of hard-core pornography) can receive one-to-one support for a period of six months.

We found that young men just weren’t getting any support – education and understanding of consent is not widespread enough. And outside of the criminal justice system, there simply weren’t enough services for young men.

We understand that young men display harmful behaviour for lots of reasons, and have sometimes been victims of abuse themselves. While we hold young men to account for their behaviour, we don’t look to penalise them, but rather explore the reasons behind their behaviour, and give them the knowledge they need to make appropriate choices.

If you know a young man who would benefit from support like this, please get in touch on 020 7021 0301 or