Safer London’s Front Door is the first point of contact for our services. This includes our one to one support to young Londoners and families, as well as our group work.

The Front Door receives all the referrals that come into the organisation with the exception of Rescue and Response and the Pan-London Housing Reciprocal.

Behind the Front Door is our unique Referral and Assessment team. This dedicated team of professionals is made up of individuals who specialise in different areas. This includes experts in violence and exploitation, probation, prisons and harmful sexual behaviour, amongst many others.

Our combined knowledge and expertise gives us a unique insight and advantage with the enquiries we receive and the assessments we conduct. We are constantly learning, developing and expanding our knowledge by learning from one another, as well as the rest of the Safer London team.

We are all super friendly individuals, which is absolutely essential when speaking with professionals and members of the community when introducing them to our service. A part of what we do is supporting individuals in completing the online referral form. This ensures we have all the relevant information needed in order to assess the case and ensure it meets the service criteria*.

When a referral is received, we assess and then allocate to our amazing Support Workers and Young People’s Advocates

We find that having one point of contact is easier for people who refer into our services. Not only so they have one place to go to ask questions, but it gives that level of consistency that is so often missing.

The team are up to date with all that goes on within Safer London and its services. Therefore, they offer accurate advice and information. This is also coupled with our pretty speedy replies, ensuring reliability as well as a smooth process.

We also receive lots of enquiries about the organisation and the different services we offer. Therefore, we offer a consultation service, which sometimes includes signposting clients to other more relevant services.

Outside of this, we often deliver presentations to various institutions to raise awareness of the wonderful work we all do at Safer London. If you think you might want one of the team to present at your organisation please do get in touch.

Our Front Door will allow us to better support young Londoners, their families, their communities. Our expert team’s knowledge of not only our services, but the broader issues that young Londoners face ensures that those referred into our services are getting the right support for them, at the right time, with the right person.

Our Front Door team welcomes enquiries from professionals and members of the community, as well as directly from young Londoners and their families.

Make a referral through our Front Door

Make a general enquiry to our Front Door team

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*Service criteria can be found on our service pages.