By labelling young Londoners as either victims or perpetrators are we helping them?

Or is this more detrimental to their journey to a positive future?

On 14th July we hosted a webinar where we addressed this topic and how to approach working alongside and support young Londoners who are both victims and perpetrators.

We heard directly from a young Londoner that Safer London works with. The story shared showed how many young Londoners feel misunderstood by services, and how often they feel judged by their past actions.

Anthony Scott from AIM HIGH provided insight into the thread that is woven throughout both victims and perpetrators – trauma.

Two Safer London Support Workers discussed the issues from their perspective, drawing on real experiences they’ve encountered in their practice.

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Featuring a young Londoner Safer London works alongside.

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Webinar Agenda
The Hidden unspoken truth, the trauma that runs within, the thread that is woven into both victims and perpetrators – Anthony Scott AIM HIGH


We managed to answer all but one question on the day. Please find below our answer to the one question we were unable to get to at the webinar.

Q: Reflecting on the young man not getting the help while he was being attacked, how can the Adverse Community Environments be dealt with, what can be done to improve communities.

A: Young Londoners are growing up in an environment that is incredibly challenging. Widening inequality, prevailing social injustices, lack of affordable housing and secure long term employment is putting more and more pressure on families and isolates young Londoners. Looking at this it is clear that young Londoners are not the issue – how can we expect them to grow and thrive in such a toxic environment that society has created.

Change will take time. However, it is important to understand that we all have a role to play in making London a safer city for the young people who live here. Over the next five years we’re aiming to work more within communities. We are developing processes to take on safeguarding referrals for spaces and places, as well as working with young Londoners peer networks.

By working alongside grassroots organisations, businesses and individuals we will empower them to be able to protect the young Londoners living in their communities.

You can learn more about our peers and places work in our next webinars.

Thank you to our contributors who made this webinar possible

Safer London Young Leader
Anthony Scott, AIM HIGH


This was one webinar in a series of three. You can find out more information on the other webinars in the series below.