Each month young Londoner VIPs pick topics or themes and in collaboration with our teams they create content or engage in activities.

This can range from quotes to be shared on social media, to workshops.

Find out what they chose in November 2020 below.

International Men’s Day

Our VIPs decided to mark International Men’s Day on 19th November letting us know who their positive male role models are and why.

My Uncle  is just so inspirational. No matter what he has gone through he continues to fight and get through it.

He has gone through situations which would leave people down and depressed but he always continue to strive and be there for everyone else.

A man who is inspirational to me and my positive male role model is my Grandad because of the way he put his family before himself.

He always makes sure other people have what they need before he even thinks about his own needs.

A man I look up to is Meek Mill because he showed me you can always make it out from anywhere regardless of your situation and its never too late to turn a negative to a positive.

He also showed me to never give up on your dream and chase it no matter what comes your way.” 

I have chosen Jay z as a positive male role model as he is versatile at what he does and also looks for the best in people.

He inspires me because for as long as I could remember I’ve also wanted to become an entrepreneur.

I have picked Santan Dave as my positive male role model because the messages he gives is different from most rappers and he encourages young people to make intelligent decisions and makes sure to stress that there is more to life than crime and selling drugs on the street which is a lifestyle that a lot of young people growing up in London fall in to.

Also he is an activist and has been vocal on issues surrounding black people, black youth and also woman and misogyny.

Stormzy is my positive male role model because he’s a black man from the same background. I can relate to him.

If he could get to where he is then I can do the same.

I have Marcus Rashford as my positive male role model because he is not just a young black man from a rough area in Manchester who has become a footballer playing for one of the best teams in the world. But he has strived to make a difference for those who need the most.

He is fighting for children around the whole country so they don’t starve. Him being who he is has made a huge impact and now people around the country are taking notice and now everyone is trying to help.

I would say Chadwick Bozeman he visited people with cancer when he was alive giving them hope and support during their time of struggle.

World Diabetes day

One of our VIPs wanted to highlight the importance of diabetes, as he doesn’t feel people actually know how serious it is and what the affects are.

He said this is especially important in the Caribbean culture. He stated he himself has people within his family who have been affected. Through having to inject themselves daily, affecting their eyesight and losing their teeth.

He stated that he almost lost a family member due to diabetes and it made him reflect and think about his own health

If you need any advice on guidance on this subject then visit Diabetes UK.