Safer London VIPs

The Safer London VIPs are a dynamic group of young Londoners who help shape our organisation. They lend their voices to conversations, to shape how we work and help us make the best decisions to help us achieve our mission.

Real Stories

The ambition, aspiration and resilience of the young Londoners we work with never cease to amaze us. Here are just some of their stories, told in their words.


Growing up all the kids had on the estate was a park with one swing and a broken seesaw. The youth clubs were shut all the time. We had no one teach us about life, or take us on trips. There were no programs, or anything interesting to keep kids off the street.

We feel as if we were judged left, right and centre. If you’re black or Asian you’re considered a minority who will not make it to 30.

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“Growing up in London for me was tough.

It’s a place where there’s a lot of things happening and it’s hard for us as young people to find a different route in life. I’ve always been very ambitious, but no one ever really understood me or how ambitious I really was.”

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Perspective from Practice

Our team work everyday to support young Londoners and their families affected by violence and exploitation.

Here, some of our team share how they’ve made a difference to the lives of Londoner’s affected by violence and exploitation.


At Safer London we pride ourselves on building strong trusting relationships. It’s through these relationships that we achieve the greatest impact. Young Londoners often tell us that they don’t trust professionals. We aim to break down those barriers, forming bonds by letting them know we are there for them, whilst maintaining boundaries.

This is exactly the case with Safer London Housing and Support worker Jason, who worked with a young Londoner affected by County Lines.

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If you’re a young Londoner or parent whose worked with Safer London, and you want to share your story, contact Make sure you let us know the name of your caseworker when you get in touch.