One source of not just comfort but basic survival is to identify more with your peers than your parents, to connect with other adolescents and push away from adults.”

Are we doing enough to take this into account when trying to reduce violence and exploitation?

Summer 2020 webinar series
Zoom Webinar
Wednesday 5th August 2pm to 3pm

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1. Welcome
Sherry Peck, CEO Safer London

2. The Voice of London
Hear from the young Londoners that Safer London works alongside

3. The role peers play in creating a safer London
Carly Adams Elias, Organisational Lead Safer London

4. Don’t be a bystander, be a friend
Graham Goulden, Cultivating Minds UK

5. Perspective from practice
Hear from Safer London practitioners who work alongside young Londoners, as they discuss the topic from their perspective, whilst drawing on research and real examples from their practice. 

6. Harnessing the positive power of Peers
Carly Adams Elias, Organisational Lead Safer London

7. Q&A
Facilitated by Richard Haigh, Director of Quality and Internal Resources Safer London

8. Closing Remarks
Sherry Peck, CEO Safer London


Graham Goulden
Twitter @graham_goulden

Graham Goulden is a former police officer and now a leadership and violence prevention trainer who works nationally and internationally. He spent the last years of his policing career working with the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit. It was during this period that he developed an interest and passion to engage communities to see a role in prevention. Graham works in many different settings including prisons, schools, universities, in the workplace and in communities

In his session Graham will discuss the potential to identify communities not as the problem but as the solution to issues of violence in society. Graham will talk about the ‘untapped’ resource, bystanders who are often present in the build-up to incidents, during incidents and after. Graham believes that by creating conversations where citizens are identified as bystanders, a common purpose of ‘non-violence’ can be developed, and skills/strategies provided to help friends be friends.