As we continue to work under a third national lockdown, we see everyday the significant impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the lives of the young Londoners and families we work alongside.

Coming into 2021 we asked ourselves as an organisation – how can we continue to support young Londoners and their families this winter, following the impact caused by the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns? 

With thanks to generous funding from Help For Children UK, we have set up a Winter Engagement Fund. This fund will enable us to address the barriers of engagement this winter, so that our support can continue to be delivered either through face-to-face contact or remotely.

Through the Winter Engagement Fund, we will provide the young Londoners and families we support with items that they may not be able to afford or have access to. This could include winter clothing, appropriate footwear, PPE and safety equipment, as well as covering expenses incurred, such as food and travel costs.

The Winter Engagement Fund can cover the cost of young Londoners travel expenses.

Recognising that a lot of our work will be carried out remotely, and knowing that digital poverty affects so many of those we work with, individuals will also be able to apply for hardware including phones and laptops, as well as mobile phone credit or data.

We know that these times are challenging for young Londoners and families affected by violence and exploitation. However, with this funding we will be able to work with them to ensure that they have the resilience and resources to make it through this winter – and beyond.

Please note that the Winter Engagement Fund is only available to the young Londoners and families already engaged with Safer London’s services and support.

You can support our work with young Londoners and their families to help them recover and thrive in 2021 – please consider making a donation today.

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