Young Londoners friends can have a strong influence on the direction of their lives.

Through targeted group work, training and support we are working alongside young Londoners so they’re able to support and be supported by their peers.

We work with them, giving them the knowledge and power to change their communities from within.

Targeted Group Work

We provide targeted group work sessions to support peer groups who may be at higher risk of exploitation or harm. Through these sessions we provide a safe space, where young Londoners can increase their awareness and confidence.

Based on the needs of the group we can tailor sessions for smaller or larger groups, either as one off sessions or a five week program. Through these sessions we build a relationship with the peer group and are available to offer additional one to one support if needed.

How to make a referral?

You can refer peer groups for targeted group work programs and one off awareness raising sessions to explore key themes connected to young Londoners’ experience of violence and exploitation; including consent, power and relationships.

Targeted group sessions are for pre-existing peer groups of young Londoners who are connected by friendships/relationship, contexts or spaces they occupy together.

To make a referral for our targeted group work please complete the online form. Please note: our online form is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend using a different browser such as Google Chrome.

We welcome enquiries and referrals from all areas of the community whether directly from young Londoners, their families, friends or community groups; as well as professionals in statutory or non-statutory services who have concerns about the safety of those they come into contact with.

If you have any queries please email us at (unsecure), (secure). For non CJSM users please send secure emails via Egress.