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Our vision is a city that is safe for the young Londoners who live here.

By working alongside young Londoners, their families and peers, as well as with the places where they live and spend their time, we can create a safer London not just for them – but everyone.

Young Londoners & their families


Young Londoners & their peers


Housing & communities


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Whether you give monthly or make a one off donation, you will help make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of young Londoners, their families and communities.

Supporters & Funders

Living through a lockdown: coalition of charities share impact and warnings from young people at risk of youth violence

@StreetDoctors @Redthread @MACUK listened to young people at risk to find out how lockdown affected them and their communities > https://www.redthread.org.uk/living-through-a-lockdown/

Today our new report 'Three Years On' shares our learnings from three years of running the #panlondonhousingreciprocal and what needs to be done to better support #socialhousing tenants who are fleeing violence and abuse.

📝Read our blog to find out more https://bit.ly/2RUQ7VK

As new Coronavirus restrictions take effect this week we want to remind people affected by #domesticabuse that #youarenotalone. Support services are still available. At home shouldn’t mean at risk.

For more info 👉 https://bit.ly/3mRccTg
If you’re in immediate danger call 999

#younglondoners often tell us that they feel their voices aren't heard. That's why we're proud to support @ncbtweets #GiveUsACHANCEllor campaign calling on @RishiSunak to put all young people at the heart of the government’s spending decisions https://bit.ly/3hXMIjq

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