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Our vision is a city that is safe for the young Londoners who live here.

By working alongside young Londoners, their families and peers, as well as with the places where they live and spend their time, we can create a safer London not just for them – but everyone.

Young Londoners & their families


Young Londoners & their peers


Housing & communities


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Whether you give monthly or make a one off donation, you will help make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of young Londoners, their families and communities.

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New data we uncovered finds that Black and minoritised girls are twice as likely to be excluded from school than their white counterparts.

Overall, the rates of exclusions for girls are growing much more rapidly than for boys.

Read our new briefing: https://weareagenda.org/girls-at-risk-of-exclusion/

Following on from #TheBigAsk & with the spending review coming up @ncbtweets asked #youngpeople what they think taxpayers’ money should be spent on.

Listen to what they had to say on topics including mental health & youth services👉https://bit.ly/3nQQRws


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