Your Info - Your Data

Privacy Notice for those who access Safer London's services and support

When you use our services and support, we need to keep some of your information on record. This helps us support you better. We'll note down basic details about you, the work we do together, any concerns you or we might have, and any useful info from other services or people helping you. Sometimes, we might also record extra details like your race or religion, which is called special category data.

Don’t worry you’ve misplaced your originally data privacy notice, you can access them our website. Some of our support is delivered in an Alliance with partner organisations, and this service has its own data privacy notice. Check with your worker which privacy is relevant to you. 

Alliance Services Data Privacy Notice

Non-Alliance Services Privacy Notice

If at any point you are unhappy Let us know! You can use our complaints process (ask your worker for the leaflet explaining how it works) if you are not happy about how we are managing your information, or if you think that information we have about you is wrong.