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Listen to Learn

What is Listen to Learn

At Safer London we know the voices and experiences of girls and young women is often missing from the research and practice landscape when discussing youth violence and exploitation. As a result, there are limitations in understanding their experiences and the impact of violence and exploitation has on girls and young women.

To address this, we worked alongside 31 girls and young women affected by violence and exploitation, listening to their experiences so we could learn what support was needed to cater to their unique expriences and needs.

The result is Listen to Learn. A guide which provides advice and guides to practitioners who are engaged with girls and young women impacted by exploitation or violence. It weaves insights drawn from the diverse experiences of the girls and young women who worked on this project, giving them a voice on how they feel support should look and feel like.

Developed collaboratively, Listen to Learn addresses the critical absence of girls’ and young women’s voices in discussions surrounding youth violence and exploitation, underscoring the need for practitioners to mould their approaches based on the authentic voices, perspectives, and experiences of these individuals, particularly those from marginalised backgrounds.

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How we can help

We advise you take the time to read and digest the full guide. If you feel you need additional support and guidance we can offer training and consultancy for a fee. Please contact if you want to discuss in further detail.

About this guide

Listen to Learn is a free open resource which we encourage you to use. However, we ask that you please respectfully credit Safer London when using this material.