Each month our team of young Londoner VIPs pick topics or themes to focus on.

In January we asked them to tell us what impact the third national lockdown has had on them. They let us know something negative – and positive – about the current restrictions.

Find out what they had to say below.

It affected mental health, but a positive has been spending more time with my daughter and partner

A negative is being stuck at home being bored – but on the flipside more people want to make music using my studio

Doing uni from home is hard – but I’ve been able to spend more time with family

It triggered off PTSD and anxiety, but having this time has allowed me to find different coping mechanism that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do if everything was how it was before.

It has allowed me to be more aware of stressful and triggering things in my life.

I didn’t know how to feel – will my exams be cancelled? How do I finish course work? Online learning is horrible. There’s too much school work and course work, and I have to revise on top of that. Generally feeling overwhelmed.

What has helped me through this is: Netflix, YouTube, Disney plus and speaking to friends. Something else that has helped me is staying of social media and not watching the news.

It has not impacted me negatively, but I do not feel like the government know what there doing.

I have enjoyed it as I like working from home and has been less stressful. It has given me the opportunity to workout listen to music and make songs. I have also been able to become more organised for the day. I’ve done a timetable, so lockdown is helping me come the best first version of myself.

I am more demotivated – because I am more demotivated, having something to do with VIP’s has helped me.

I like being able to do stuff and I’m not really doing anything.